Made in the USA

A Mother's Love

A unique gift for Mom
Item # : 611G

This is a unique gift for your Mom on Mother's Day, her birthday or any other special occasion.

This item is a flat 4" x 6" beveled edge clear mirror mounted on a thin piece of 6" x 8" glass painted with a white border.  It has a message silkscreened with white lettering on a fuchsia background that stands with the support of an easel back.

The message reads "A Mother's Love - A mother's love is special It's present every day, A gift that came from heaven That God has sent our way. Her job is never ending She's there all day & night, To be there for her children And be their guiding light.  Her thoughts are with them always Even if they are apart, Her children have a special place Deep down inside her heart. Mother's are a special gift - A gift from up above, This world would seem so empty Without a Mother's love." and is accented with flowers.