Made in the USA

A Musical Anniversary Gift

Perfect for the happy couple that loves to dance, play, or enjoy music together, this musical anniversary gift celebrates the ups and downs of a strong marriage, and reminds them of what keeps their love going as the anniversaries fly by. Combining beautiful pictures and sentiment in a unique presentation, they will treasure this reminder of their commitment for years to come.
Item # : 653M

A flat, 4” by 6,” black, beveled-edge mirror, mounted on a flocked back, stands against a wind-up music box that plays The Anniversary Waltz. The message, silkscreened in white and grey-frosted paint, reads, “Happy Anniversary – the hopes and joys, the tears and sorrows, the laughter and songs, but always the memories of the love you share.” The inspirational text for this musical anniversary gift is highlighted by a border of roses, ribbon, and doves.