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My Friend

May God Bless You
Item # : 697

Friends are very important in our lives.  Give your friends the gift of this beautiful poem.  Tell them the things you may not be able to put into words yourself.

This item is a flat 4" x 6" blue beveled edge mirror with a message silkscreened with pink paint and a green border that stands with the support of an easel back.

The message reads "My Friend - If I possessed a magic wand I'd use it every day To conjure up some happiness And send it out your way. And then I'd give you much success In everything you do: And health, wealth and peace of mind To last the whole year through. What I want to do is thank you For kindness you have shown. It's comforting in troubled times To know you're not alone. But wondrous things I cannot give. For magic I cannot do.  I offer instead this humble gift. My prayer - "May God bless you."" N. Townsend and is accented by a flowering vine border.